My journey

When I started my career in the tech world, my first goal was to learn how to create online shops. I researched different platforms, such as Shopify, WordPress, Prestashop and Magento, and started experimenting with each of them. I was surprised at how easy it was to use these tools to create attractive and functional shops


As I progressed in my learning, I realised that I wanted to go beyond simply creating online shops. I decided to learn programming languages like Python, JavaScript and React, and looked for online platforms like edX Harvard and freecodecamp that would help me do this. Learning to program was challenging, but it was also very rewarding


Once I mastered the basics of programming, I became interested in learning about databases and how to work with them. I enrolled in a course on Udemy that taught me SQL and MySQL, and also gave me the opportunity to learn about PHP and node.js for backend development. These skills have helped me to create more complex and powerful applications


In short, I have learned a lot since I started my career in technology, and I continue to look for opportunities to learn and develop my skills. I’m excited to see where my path will take me in the future

This is why I have chosen Python as my main programming language

Python is an important language for a Data Scientist because it is widely used in the field of data science and has a rich ecosystem of powerful libraries and frameworks. Some reasons why Python is important for Data Scientists include:

  1. Python is a versatile language that can be used for a wide range of data science tasks, including data manipulation, analysis, visualization, and machine learning

  2. Python has a large and active community of users, which means there is a wealth of online resources, tutorials, and support available for learners

  3. Python has a rich ecosystem of powerful libraries and frameworks specifically designed for data science, such as NumPy, Pandas, and scikit-learn. These tools make it easy to perform complex data analysis and machine learning tasks with minimal coding

  4. Python is easy to learn and use, even for those with limited programming experience. Its simple, readable syntax and clear, modular structure make it a good choice for those new to data science

In summary, Python is an important language for a Data Scientist because it is versatile, widely used, and has a rich ecosystem of powerful tools and libraries specifically designed for data science